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Elastic Suspensions For Screens

Elastic Suspensions For Screens
Elastic Suspensions For Screens
Product Code : AB & AB-D
Brand Name : Rosta
Product Description

Elastic Suspensions for Screens &  Conveyors  with High dampening ,Long lifetime &  Overload proof

Technology of free oscillating systems with unbalanced excitation

Free oscillating systems are either activated in using exciters, unbalanced motors or unbalanced shafts. The oscillation amplitude, type of vibration and the direction of vibration of the screen are determined by the dimensioning and arrangement of these actuators. The excitation force, the angle of inclination of the excitation, the inclination of the screen-box and the position of the center of gravity determine the resulting oscillation amplitude of the device.

The oscillation amplitude, and thereby the conveying speed of the machine, can be optimized by augmenting these. ROSTA spring suspensions support the desired oscillation movement of the screen machine. Through their shape and function, they help to achieve a purely linear conveyor motion without unwanted lateral tumbling.

These ideal spring suspensions harmonically support the running of the vibrating screen. Because of their high spring deflection capacity, they offer a good detuning of the excitation frequency with a very low natural frequency, which guarantees a high isolation effect with regard to the machine substructure. The ROSTA mounts effectively dissipate the large residual force peaks at start-up and shut-down,when passing through the natural frequency of the suspension.  CONTACT TECHNO TALENT  FOR FURTHER DETAILS.